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 *Rags 2  Riches Too has disbanded*

 Rags 2  Riches Too

Randy Shupp, Bass/Baritone
Paula Skutnick, Piano


Rags 2 Riches Too performed a fabulous musical mélange of American popular music, including Early Jazz, Broadway, Ragtime, and the Great American Songbook!

Randy’s golden voice and Paula’s award-winning Ragtime piano captured the classic eras of American musical entertainment. There was dancing, sing-alongs, and some down-right hot boogie-woogie piano.  

Some of their crowd-pleasing shows were:

Dance is Life

From Armstrong to Elvis

Timeless Broadway

Scott Joplin & Friends - A Ragtime Vaudeville

"To dance with abandon is to say, 'I am completely alive.'  To dance with control and technique is to say, 'I am an artist.'  If we feel ourselves as completely alive, we can make our life a work of art. Therefore, Dance is Life."                                    ~Randy Shupp, 2017

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